Friday, September 12, 2008

Too long to Twitter......

I just received this in a work email, and all I have to say is ...WHAT?????

"ES with free and reduced lunch in excess of 30% are considered HR; while MS and HS in excess of 25% are considered HR. The TLP information is already posted on Bb."


organized chaos said...

? When you break the code let me know! So far I'm guessing ES= Elementary Schools, MS, HS = high school/middle school.
HR= high risk. What on earth is TLP? And is Bb blackboard?

Chan Bliss said...

TLP---The Lunch Program, Teach Little People, Take Last Plate, That Lesson Plan, Terminal Launch Process, Tsunamis Like Pelopponesia. OK that's it.
No one more, I Googled TLP and this is what Wikipedia says.
Transient Lunar Phenomenon.