Saturday, September 13, 2008

Snipping and Biking

I spent two hours down in "Snippyville" tonight. This was the first time in days that I have worked down there. It feels like break time when I do. My mind wanders from topic to topic and thoughts that have been hanging around finally get some amount of processing.

This snip is 2.5" x 3.5" and is for an upcoming swap on Art Ed. 2.0.

I signed up for the Virginia Art Education Association conference in November. Fortunately, it is in Northern Virginia, so I won't have to pay for a hotel room. Unfortunately, I won't get to stay in a hotel room. (Going away to work conferences is another one of those things that make me feel like a real grown up.)

There are several sessions about Artist Trading Cards. I am hoping to get involved in some student swaps between schools. That might be an interesting experience for the kiddies.

We rode 60 miles today. This was the first time this season that my knees gave me problems. Every other year that we have trained, I was taking ibuprofen way before this point.

I think I haven't mentioned one of the things we are training for. The first weekend of October is the Seagull Century. It is a 100 mile (in one day) ride. It goes from Salisbury, Maryland to Assateague Island on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and then back to Salisbury.

Mark and I did the ride in 2004, and had amazing weather and an amazing ride. We trained for it in 2005, but a tropical storm on the day of the event, kept us from riding. We trained for it in 2007, and Mark broke his foot on a training ride the weekend before. (I went anyway and rode the ride with one of his coworkers. My good fortune was that the weather was again wonderful, and his coworker was as friendly and fun a guy as you could hope for.) We're training again this year and hope like crazy that the weather gods will be with well as the gods of osteo-fortunus. (I made that word up, if you couldn't tell. It means, the gods of healthy bones.)

Did I mention that you get pie and ice cream at mile 82????????????? Oh yeah!!!!!!!!


perilloparodies said...

ooh, I am loving this series... really interesting, fun, and enjoyable to make stories out of... wow, you also have a lot going on over there, which is great. hope you can fit in some snipping fun in between all of it. if not, for sure during some down time later on... have a great day. :-)

Jackie said...

And the icecream is good for the bones!! Some of my family lives in Salisbury. If we get back out there I'm planning to spend a day or two with you guys - yes, I'm just inviting myself!!
Your architectural snips are awesome!