Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Second Day of School

Hallelujah!!! Another wonderful day in the art room. I had a class of five year olds, a class of six year olds, and a class of seven year olds, none of whom made me desparate for retirement.

I'm a bit freaked that nothing of a high comedic nature has happened in my presence as of yet. (Usually that means that it was an event that is fun to hear about, but not as much fun to have been a participant in.) I'm wondering whether it is a fluke, or just 23 years of experience kicking in.

Traveling around the building, as I observed the youngest of students learning to walk down the hallways in quiet, straight lines, all I could think of was that it was like "herding cats." What a bizarre sight to see previously "free range" children learning how to follow rules. Let's just say that some take more practice than others.

This was the only event that gave me pause today. Upon awaiting the arrival of a brand new class of first graders, I overheard their teacher as they came up the stairs. "Jim......Do not stick your head through the bars. That is very dangerous. Your head might get stuck.....(pause)....JIM, I KNOW YOU DIDN'T JUST SPIT DOWN THROUGH THOSE BARS."



ZenCrafter said...

It just doesn't seem fair that you are back in school already! Are you on a year-round calendar?

La Donna Welter - Vintage Photo-Oil Artist said...

How I love this post! I was a Special Education teacher for 9 years...you brought a smile back to my face!
La Donna