Wednesday, July 30, 2008


If you teach kiddies, you know what "criss cross apple sauce" means. When I was little they called sitting that way "Indian style." That term was long ago banished for it's political incorrectness. I like saying "criss cross apple sauce" better anyway. Sounds more Mother Goose-ish and kid friendly.

Anyway, teaching kids to sit on the floor for sustained periods of time is next to a miracle. Three classes of kindergarteners have passed through my doors the last two days, and I've been shocked at how many can achieve the 15 minute, sitting on the floor part of my lesson. I have had some seat twirlers and some recliners, but most of the kids remained upright and pretzel legged.

I'm so pooped out that I snipped this piece wonkier than usual. The symmetry was unintentional. I just started snipping and went brain numb. The teacher looks as though she is levitating with her big head, little body self. Somehow, the little boys next to the teacher have an extra foot. I'm too tired to amputate the things off tonight.

Five classes and two bus duties tomorrow. Ugh.



diana said...

I had kindergarten today and I had what I call 'the rollers'. 5 year olds (mainly boys) just unable to sit still, but rather roll around the ground, under desks, over other kiddies all the while with legs crossed and hands on knees. Rather than get annoyed I was very impressed with their yogi like moves. I like your sweet snip!

perilloparodies said...

okay, so it is not perfect.. which cuts are? i love the cut anyhow... kids in action are hard to catch in a realistic cut, and i think you grasped it VERY nicely... including the extra foot, which they do sometimes seem to have... :-)

La Donna Welter - Vintage Photo-Oil Artist said...

Love this!!! Being a former Special Education teacher, I feel this says it all....just the way that it is! : - )

Kathi said...

Maybe the teacher is levitating!! That might capture the attention of the kids!!