Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blogs, Sloths and Crabs

I've been so excited the last week as I got mentions in a couple of blogs I enjoy.

One was a mention on "The Crafty Crow," which has really wonderful craft ideas to use with kids. Cassi spotlighted my blog post about Elementary Stitchery. Some of her readers left comments and questions on that post, so I thought I'd follow up here with responses.

Someone asked if I used the big plastic needles with my older students as well. I do. They're cheap and work well with the burlap and yarn. You can get them at most craft stores. I'd buy the blunt metal ones if I was working with a few kids, but for the hundreds I do work with, the cost for those is a little bit prohibitive.

Now, my little going-to-second-grade friend, Marian, is often seen on her blog stitching. In this photo she is using a hoop and much finer cloth than I use in school. The needle seems to be smaller as well, but perhaps not sharp.

The other blog mention was from Brit Gal' in the USA. Sarah is a funny Brit who is living the good (though sometimes that a word?) life in Oklahoma. She kindly awarded me mention and then sent me off with the instruction to award others.........which I have yet to do. Argh. Hopefully she won't yank my "award" away from me for my slothful ways. (I swear....I stay busier when Mark is taking his vacation with me than when I am working full time.....)

The next few days will include more crab feasts, visits with family, weinie roasts and paddling. Probably not much posting. So "talk" to you soon. Hugs......jan


mayaluna said...

I was so happy to see you on the Crafty Crow...and so well received! I'd do almost anything to have you as a teacher for my children!! I love how July has turned into a crab feast fest for you. How fitting:) Have a fun few days!

Doodlebug said...

You sound so happy and energetic and busy. And I love how your latest snips chronicle your summer. I'd love to see your stuff on Etsy!

Jackie said...

Yea, fun in the blogging community. And I love to hear about all of your adventures. See you in a few days!