Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bikes, bikes, bikes!!!!!!

Bikes, bikes, bikes!!!! Today was the big day for the debut of our custom bikes. Independant Fabrications. La-de-da. And it just happened to be my birthday! What a great gift to myself. I've been excited for this day since May 10 when we got fitted for them.

Here's Mark's trusty steed. She's a green sparkly bombshell. Mark says that it rides like a dream. So cool.....
And here's mine.
Is that predictable or what?
When the bike guy went to put all of my components together yesterday, he realized that I.F. had not welded on two critical parts of the frame. So the bike goes back to I.F. in Massachusetts on Monday.
I had an assistant principal tell me one time that she appreciated me because I am "low maintenance," meaning that I don't complain much and pretty much go with the flow. So, in my "low maintenance" grown up kind of way, I didn't react to the bike snafu by pitching a hissy fit or screaming or saying bad words.....on the outside. On the inside I threw myself on the floor pounding the carpet with my fists and feet and screaming bad words.
At 51, I don't know if I am supposed to even be pouting on the inside about spoiled birthday presents. It isn't a crushing life blow or anything, but I am disappointed.


perilloparodies said...

oh, boy, DO I know that feeling!!! except that i am not as good about it as you are. I may pout on the outside, throw my hissy fit on the inside, and then blow up with all that pent up steam. EEK!!! trying to get better. proud of you for TRYING to be patient. Hang in there, if you have waited since May surely you can wait JUST a little bit longer. until you get it in your hands... keep planning all the places you want to ride it. So many possibilities...:-)

Jackie said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND!! How could you not be disappointed? I was disappointed for you when I scrolled down and saw the empty space in front of the garage door! LOL at the image of you flinging yourself down on the carpet and flailing away. I've been known to say a naughty word out loud and in front of the kids while smacking my canoe paddle on the water because my canoe didn't go in the direction I wanted it to, and I'm 44.

Ayama-chan said...

Happy belated birthday. Newbie reader here. The joys of being a parent to a little one, who loves to throw a good wobbly in a supermarket, is that I get to do one too. The only way I can distract her is to make a public spectical of myself (following a parenting example set by my lateral thinking parents). I look so stoopid, that said someone, stops, looks and laughs. My response is often, this is what you look like too. So shall I the next time we have a tantram over buying toothbrushes, tissues or a loaf of bread, would you like me to channel that inner grr over what happened to your bike??

Hope your first day back from summer break went well... Is it admin meeting after another?? Some of them are absolute time wasters, no?

mayaluna said...

I thought of you so much on Saturday! You are my only birthday mate and I so wanted to find a spare moment to wish you happiness...but alas I am QUITE belated! So sorry about you bike disappointment...soon! Hoping your week is smooth!