Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where Were You and What Did You Think It Was?

For my local friends...........where were you and what did you think it was?

For my far away friends.....We had an earthquake today. (About 10 miles outside of D.C.) It was a 1.8 on the Richter Scale, so not big, but noticeable. If you look on the news sites at the epicenter, my school is less than a mile from it. Exciting stuff for a place that doesn't usually experience such things.

I had first graders lined up to go back to their room when we heard a big BOOM. I thought a child must have pushed my SmartBoard, with its brakes on, and it hit something....though that didn't seem too reasonable. Someone from the office came up to my room to see what on earth had fallen over to make such a noise. One of my friends, who teaches math in middle school, blamed it on her students. She thought they were goofing around and pushed the laptop cart into the wall. I think it is funny the things our minds grab hold of to explain things. Makes me wonder what kinds of explanations people in times of yore had for natural disasters or oddities.

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