Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Twitter'n Me

I consider myself relatively up-to-date on Web 2.0 kind of stuff. I have a MySpace page to communicate with my daughter and my best friend from high school. I have internet dated, chat roomed and IMed in my past. I blog. I belong to a group on Ning. Now, I Twitter. But I don't "get" Twitter.

My brother, who is an IT guy, enticed me to sign up. He is the only person I follow, however. Maybe that's the problem in why I don't "get" it. I don't know what most folks Twitter about. I rarely have anything profound enough in which to keep folks apprised. From what I see, I'm not alone.

I looked at Twitter where you can see what "everyone" is Twittering. Here are some comments that came up. See which one you think is mine.

i can only imagine all the various forms of bacon you have in the pantry. bacon paste, evaporated bacon, baconcicles in the freezer.

eating scallops at the bar and watching the Yankee game

ガンダム オペレーショントロイ 特典 「MS デカールセット ダウンロードカード」&「Xbox

I have nothing to say. I had hot dogs for dinner. That's it. = )

Sometimes I just don't feel smart....

I require pizza.

My deck furniture waterproofing skills apparently aren't very good. I guess I should just stick to being a programmer.

i miss my pinky

Several of those could have been mine. One, I'm thankful is not mine. My over-use of the smiley face may have given mine away.

If you want me to follow your Twitter in order to better enlighten me, I'm game.


Cindy said...

I don't understand it either. My friend Marsha has tried to get me to sign up, but I don't know why I would want to. Maybe I'm getting old? I can't figure out my dvr.

diane said...

I don't even know what it is.

What is it?

Snippety Gibbet said...

from Wikipedia: Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send "updates" (or "tweets"; text-based posts, up to 140 characters long) to the Twitter website, via short message service (e.g. on a cell phone), instant messaging, or a third-party application such as Twitterrific or Facebook.

Updates are displayed on the user's profile page and instantly delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them. The sender can restrict delivery to those in his or her circle of friends (delivery to everyone is the default).

Jackie said...

I picked the hotdog comment as being yours even before I got to the end. Wow, I'm amazed at your techiness. No wonder you have so many online loose ends! I think I'll skip the Twitter.

JM said...

I had to give it a whirl just because of your blog.