Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hedgie and Squirrel Jump Rope

Okay, I just read a friend's post on "inclusion" and here might be the illustration for that one. And perfect for her since she is a coach on a jump rope team! But I made this for Marian earlier today. She's still in the hospital after her bone marrow transplant. From her Mom's last post, things are going as they should.

I was feeling odd on Thursday. Awful on Friday. Better on Saturday. Tired today.

My great nephew was born this morning. A BIG, strapping, healthy boy.

Mark's Mom found out that she has breast cancer a couple of days ago. The extent is unknown at this point.

My brain is too tired to think very hard today.


Blink said...

You have an incredibly, wonderful, creative and amazing response to stress. Hang in there, friend!

cindy mindy pindy said...

Quite a lot of emotions going on in your family life. Take care!

Excellent papercut!

melinda said...

love this! we're rather fond of squirrels in my neck of the woods(ours are white!)and who doesn't love a perky dancing hedgie! sending good and peaceful thoughts your way...:-)(love this blog by the way!)

Snippety Gibbet said...

White squirrels????????? NEAT! I've seen brown and black ones but never white!