Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Handy Friend

The last class of the day is usually more antsy than the rest. That goes double for kindergarten.

Shortly after begining worktime, Jamie comes over to me. "Ms. Johnson, I'm finished." "No, Jamie. You have to color your whole paper." One minute later. "Ms. Johnson, I'm finished." "No, Jamie. You have to color you whole paper." This continues multiple times, with lessening amounts of time between each visit.

Finally, I start ignoring Jamie, hoping that he will wander back to his work space and continue to work on his own. This strategy doesn't work, as Jamie begins to wave his paper in my face, keeping me from working with whomever is on the opposite side of the paper.

So, I go find a "friend" who has colored most of her drawing, and hold it up as an example to the class. Interrupted again, I not only have a busy little fellow saying "Ms. Johnson, Ms. Johnson," but he has firmly planted both hands on my....upper torso parts. I move away quickly and explain one more time that he needs to color his whole paper. When he comes back in a few seconds with another set of hands planted on my .......upper torso......followed by another friend who plants another set of hands on me, I jump back and announce to Jamie that it is "free time" and send him and his buddy happily away.


Blink said...

The adult cutting looks just like you! Amazing. I looked at the image first. Then, I read the post. Had to look at the image again. Upraised child's arms told a totally different story the second time around.

splatypus said...

Oh my... that's one of mine. I know which one too. I am so sorry.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Amazing pictures, you're so talented.

I sub for Pre-K and K alot and they are always entertaining! LOL
One told me once I sounded just like a movie star, he was literaly saying 'wow' for 10 minutes!