Friday, March 14, 2008

Snippy Heaven

Here I am, coming in for a landing in happy snipper heaven. Spring break.......aaaaaaaaaah.

I worked with three groups of kids today. One was using the laptops, which practically guarantees good behavior and focused work. Another group was first graders who were happy to be coming to art class, and seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were about to be set free for a couple of weeks. The last group was second graders, who absolutely knew they were about to be set free for a couple of weeks, and reportedly were bouncing off the was their art teacher. I kept the lights dim in the room when they were there "because it was so hot," but it was really a ploy to alter their moods. They were also focused and hard working. Thank goodness!

I left school loaded with tons of schoolwork, which I know will come back to school mostly untouched. It happens every break. My intentions are quite honorable, however, my longing to do anything at all besides study/work stuff usually wins.

Anyway, I am floating in snippy heaven tonight....and will be here for three weeks.

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