Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gray and Windy

On gray, windy days: I love them. They make me feel as if I can relax and enjoy being in my own head. Bright, sunny days make me feel as if I need to be up and about doing something productive and worthy.

The wind is gusting up to 50 mph today, and it brings a little drama with it. Last night, as I tried to sleep, I kept thinking about the drama of the big oak tree outside that is a good 15 feet away from my head. I was sure it was going to be on my head at some time during the raucously windy night.

This hill is behind our house. During grass cutting season, I hate that hill. It does shield us from the rest of the neighborhood though, and for that reason, I love it. I can trick my mind into thinking I'm in the country.

On daffodils: I keep going to look at the daffodils blooming around the yard. Inevitably I start picking at nearby dandilions or odd looking plant intruders. I'm still doing the ibuprofen thing for my back, so garden maintenance is a bad idea. Grrrrr.......

On preparing a roast for the Crock Pot: When browning a roast before slow cooking, always remove the little plastic absorby pad thingy. It makes a mess when it is fried along with the roast. Don't ask me how I know.

On projects: I always have to do just a little bit more. Last night, I found the business card from a purchase at Marian's Mom's shop on Etsy. So, of course, I added Mom's house to the neighborhood. And then, poor Dad. He didn't have a house. So I cut out a copy of Marion's drawing of Dad's bike, and attached it to Mom's house. I'll put them in the mail today, before I start working on assorted other community buildings they might need.

On Teacher Research: I made an appointment with myself to do the writing for my Teacher Research project this morning. Even wrote the appointment down in my very pretty date book. I think that I may have a cancellation for that appt today however. Gray and windy days invite me to be contemplative about things other than work.


Jackie said...

I love gray, rainy, windy days myself. And on the pot roast I'm thinking back to a little comment I got from you when I made my paper cutting boo boo - how could you not see the plastic thingee on the bottom of the roast? ;)

Snippety Gibbet said...


wirrow said...

i lovee ur tiny houses! :o

mgg said...

thank you snippety gibbet for my paper house.And i noticed that on my moms castle that you made there was a picture of the bike that i drew you put on the castle.