Thursday, March 27, 2008

Call Me Snippety Gibbet

I received some wonderful things in the mail today. Best of all were notes from the Goates girls, thanking me for their wee little houses. (Their Momas brought those girls up right!)

But I was tickled by the fact that the girls addressed me as "Snippety Gibbet." Well, of course they did! That's my moniker. But it was just so dog goned cute.

Then I got a package and couldn't remember what in the world I had ordered. The name on the envelope was no help. Madelyn Somebody in Texas. Nothing. No idea of who that was.

Then I opened the envelope. It was from a lady I know as "NaturzDiva." Oh!!!! I know who NaturzDiva is. I ordered seeds from her last year too.

In my mind's eye, NaturzDiva is an earth goddess with long flowing hair and a wicker basket full of flowers. Madelyn Somebody? I imagine her as pretty generic.

I wonder what the little girls think "Snippety Gibbet" looks like. Probably not as generic looking as Jan Somebody might be.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I love that, I'd like to know what their mental image is of Snippety Gibbet.