Saturday, February 23, 2008


That photo is of a shadow puppet show put on by sixth graders in Llanfyllin, Wales. The kids wrote down Christmas memories from their grandparents and then produced them as a shadow puppet show. I'm interested in doing something similar with my kiddies.

My school's art department got a grant from Best Buy to buy camcorders and video editing supplies. The kids will be learning how to use the equipment and produce their own videos featuring their own writing. I had been thinking about shadow puppetry as a way for the kids to perform their work to be filmed. I thought I'd experiment with Ms. O's third grade class, but hadn't spoken to her, or anyone else about it.

Ms. O saw me in the hall on Tuesday morning. She greeted me by telling me that she enjoyed looking at the paper cuttings on my blog, and that they reminded her of the shadow puppet shows she took her daughters to when they were little.


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