Monday, July 24, 2017

Cherry Spoons

My spoon carving doesn't start happening until after Easter.   This year, I had a difficult time coming across green wood to carve, so I got a late start.

On a recent trip to West Virginia, the friend from whom I rent a mountain top farmhouse told me I could cut a limb off her cherry tree.  Oh happy day!!!!!!!!!  Cherry is one of my favorite woods for spoon carving.

I carefully selected a limb that would not be missed. Probably I got about 10 spoons worth of cherry.

My first spoon was carved for my friend.  When I carve there, I hole up in a funky side porch area that is out of the wind. Many times when my friend visited the farm and came over to say hello, she picked up the spoon to inspect it.  I don't think she knew it was intended for her.

When I was finished the carving, I wood burned "County Line Cherry" into the side of the handle to show the wood came from her farm.  Sometimes it is so very hard to let go of these things!

(In the background is the "mother" tree.)

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