Saturday, June 25, 2016

Walking Sticks

I love summer.  I spend my days out on my screened porch carving.  Actually, I am just getting back into the carving.  But here are the things I've been working on.  Spoon carving again.  Simple spoon carving but it is very satisfying to work on.  And walking sticks.

This walking stick needs a little work before it is done, but I'll get that done today.  The wood burned design took many hours.  They have fancy, schmancy pyrography (woodturning) tools now, but I am using a beginner's tool from the craft store. Oh how that expensive tool calls my name.



Jackie said...

Love it! For some reason this reminds me of when I first stumbled across your blog and your tiny houses. I love how you experiment and create! and your curiosity!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Thank you, Jackie. I only wish I could stick to one medium and not buy new tools for new hobbies every couple of years. = )