Sunday, May 8, 2016

To Those of You Who Can Do Such Things.... Clip Art

One of the things I miss about working at my old school is that I don't hear about new technology.  They were very good about keeping us up to date on software and websites.  As a retiree who is out of the loop, I have to dig around for stuff on my own.

Since I have the time now, I have been trying to jazz up my TeachersPayTeachers shop just a bit. One thing I noticed about many of the sellers there is that they use clip art that they purchase from other teachers on the site.  I have no idea how to make clip art but I thought I'd let folks know that there is a big market for clip art over there.  If you can create such things, you might consider selling them at TPT.

I suspect people would pay to have banners and logos created as well.  People who are not artists or who don't want to spend the time to figure out how to make them might be willing to pay for such things.  If I didn't have the time to figure these things out, I'd probably pay to have someone else do it too.

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