Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Usually Dislike My Spoons

I usually dislike every spoon I make until near the end of the process. In its rough form I almost always think it is messed up beyond repair.  The urge to throw it away is quenched only because I know when I start sanding it, the spoon will magically become acceptable. Sanding is the least fun part, but that is when the beauty starts happening. Sanding is when I just have to persevere.

Here's what I was working on this weekend. This was the beginning step of carving a sycamore spoon. Ugly.

This was after the sanding happened.  I decided I liked it at this point.

Here's the spoon after it had been treated with "spoon butter." This is the point when I have a hard time letting them go.

An old schoolmate of my daughter is a chef and has requested a spoon.  I've been carving a few with her in mind.  Hopefully she can find a couple she likes in my collection.

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