Sunday, December 21, 2014

I am a Paper Cutter

When people ask me in which art medium I prefer, I say rather apologetically, "paper cutting."  My impression is that they think of ladies snipping tulips and birds in the 80's as a craft activity.  Certainly, I do some craftsy paper cutting, but not all of my work is that.  I feel, somehow, that if I could answer "painting" or "sculpture" people would have a greater frame of reference and respect.  I have totally forgotten that one of the greats was a paper cutter.  How on earth do I not think immediately of Henri Matisse?


Julie said...

Neat! I had not realized he did paper cutting! I think you should add the word elaborate to your description of what you do!

Katy David said...

I have the same issue when people ask what I do. Batik on eggshells just doesn't quite express the wholeness of the thing.