Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tidy Retirement

I am wondering what retirement holds for me.  Though I have have 30 years' worth of summer vacations, off from school with which to practice, they have been spent with deadlines in mind.  Parts of my summers were always spent trying to reinvigorate my lessons.  The creative part of me got a good push because the time to do it was so short.  It was a kind of "now or never" thing.

My first day of retirement, I got some of my goals knocked off my "to do" list.  I applied for substitute teaching and I checked out an artisans' gallery.  The subbing will be an occassional thing, meant to fund vacations and play.  The artisans' gallery didn't look that promising.  The artist behind the reception desk said that it was pretty slow there.  His lack of enthusiasm didn't inspire me into donating 20 hours every 2 months and for giving up 30% of my sales.

So now I am looking around online, checking out all the arty stuff I have not had the time to oogle at the last few years.  What's etsy like these days?  How are crafts fairs doing now?  Are there any teaching or craft sales opportunities I don't know anbout?

Hopefully, in retirement, I will be inspired to do a heck of a lot more than to keep a tidy house.


Mrs. C said...

As per all my many retired colleagues( who mind you look WAY better than us still teaching-lack of stress we've determined) you will find so many things to do that you will be amazed! Enjoy! :)

jackie said...

HAPPY RETIREMENT!!! I have no advice to give you, though I admire the fact that you are already off and running in your retirement. I hope you enjoy this new phase of life!

Amy Kratochvil said...

Happy retirement! You don't strike me a person who will sit still for long! :-) Enjoy yourself!