Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pysanka of the Week

This was my favorite egg created in Snippyville this weekend.
This pysanky season I decided to try and create eggs with more precision than I had done before. I bought a couple of beautiful pysanky books and tried to recreate some of the designs or at least parts of the designs.  I still do not have the precision of line that I would like, but I am advancing.  That is gratifying.

I am getting anxious to create more free flowing and original designs, but I still need practice in the precise designs.  Time to mix it up a bit.


sallgood said...

so beautiful!

Phyl said...

Beautiful, as always. I'm so impressed by the intricacies of this process. I do not have the fine motor control (or patience, I think)!

Julie said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!