Monday, January 20, 2014

Redecorating Snippyville - Pysanky

What I want for my studio space, Snippyville, is to have relatively tidy spaces dedicated to my main crafting activities.  I want to be able to have my papercutting supplies always available. If I have to clean it off to do something else, it is likely that I will end up with supplies of all sorts spilling off the desk and onto piles on the floor.

Here's my desk for papercutting.  It hasn't changed much yet.  I'd like to get another surface to work on that looks better.  Functionally, this is fine though.  I like having the window above my desk.

I have created a separate space for my pysanki (egg decorating) supplies.  Above it, I have a space to keep my light box for taking photos of my work.   Not beautiful....yet.... but hopefully functional. 
I have carved out other work spaces in the room that are hidden by curtains.  As I get a bit more done on them I'll post photos.

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Jay said...

I love crafty workstations. Nice lighting too. Mine usually end up in dark basement corners.