Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kayaking Snip

Lately, I have done a good bit of snipping.  Because it was going to be a part of Mark's Christmas present, I couldn't post any of them.

Here is one that I may use either as a sketch for a linocut print or either snip it again to be framed.  I am pleased with it, but would like to improve on it a bit.  It's of Mark kayaking last summer.

scherenschnitte 3" x 4"


sallgood said...

Very nice!

jackie said...

WHOA!! That is awesome!! We just spent the day on a local creek in our canoes and kayaks!

Julie said...

This is really neat! Pretty cool you can do snips of actual people and events!!!

Cassie Stephens said...

Amazing!! I love this. I so wish I had that patience. Stunning work :)