Monday, August 19, 2013

Comparing Markers - Crayola vs. Prang

Markers:  Crayola vs. Prang

This was an interesting comparison for me because I highly revere both of these brands.  That being said, I have been using another brand of marker for the past 20 plus years.  When I find an art supply that I trust, I stick with it.

Crayola markers have had a place in my class, but only the multi-cultural tone ones.  A frustration that I have had with these is that the students don't seem to put the caps on tightly enough and they fall off.  After they've been off for a few hours, they dry out and are worthless.  So I have relied on them for those beginning of the year self portraits, but they don't usually last long after that.

Prang markers haven't gotten use in my class for the sole reason that I rely on another trusted and true brand.

Both of the sets of markers that I tested had the pointed tips.  The Crayola set had ten markers.  Prang had ten plus a bonus two.  Something that I was thrilled with about the Prang was that they have gray.  Kids often ask me if I have any gray and I have to send them to the crayon box.  I've never had gray markers for kids!

The thing I was most curious about in this test was that the Prang box has a claim that it  has "long cap-off life."  Oooooooh, that's a big claim!  I am highly interested in a student marker that can survive a little while without a cap.  So, while I gave the markers my scribble test, I repeated the test three times.  I did the first test and then left the caps off.  I did the test again at 24 hours and then again at 30.

Both the Prang and the Crayola laid down a nice bright color in the first test.  At 24 hours cap-less, you can start seeing the difference.

Here's the Crayola at 24 hours without a cap.

Here's the Prang at 24 hours without a cap.  The Prang is still laying down juicy pigment.

Six hours later, at the 30 hour mark, it was still laying down pigment as well as it had with the first test.

So yay for Prang on this comparison!  I could be a convert to this product.

P.S.  After posting this I went over to the blog, Mini Matisse, to see how she rated the markers.  She mentioned that the two extra colors were mint green and light blue, not gray.  This makes me think that the Crayola must also have had gray.  Oops. I can't double check this because I put the Crayolas in the mail to my granddaughter this afternoon.  Grandma kept the Prangs for herself.


Michele Comp said...

I am loving these comparison tests!

Pam Skojec said...

I know they had grey at one point because I have them in my art room. There were there before I started working at this location. Maybe you have to purchase them separately.