Friday, July 12, 2013


My school system got off to a late start to summer compared to most school systems around the country.  My last day at work was the 19th of June.  I know some folks who had been out of school a month by then.

I've already taken my art retreat vacation I call "Jan-cation."  That's the ten days I spend on a mountain top in West Virginia, mostly by myself.  There I did a lot of watercolor practice; a little paper cutting; and a little crochet.  After a week completely alone, I was ready to get back home.

At home now, I'm continuing to paint.  I'd love to pick up where I left off 25 years ago, when I did watercolor regularly.  I must say that things are looking a little rough at this point.  I don't mind.  I believe in the power of practice.

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