Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wang Yani - Chinese Brush Painting

This is an old favorite of a lesson.  I got it either from School Arts or Arts and Activities twenty some years ago.

I used to do it with kindergarten, but this year it seemed to fall flat with them.  Since both grades did Chinese Dragon puppets last time, I continued the Chinese theme with both grades as well.

I showed a PowerPoint to my students, that had photos of Wang Yani as a little girl/artist.  It included photos of many of her monkey paintings.  Then we looked at a short YouTube video of her.

I led them through the steps of painting with a bamboo brush and painting a monkey.  Then I let them paint another picture of their choice of animals.



barbarasthoughtoftheday said...

Little kids are so expressive with the bamboo brush. I really like teaching it too.
Do you find that some kids are disinterested maybe due to lack of color? While other kids are enchanted by it?
I have students who beg for this lesson year after year.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I love this lesson too. The kids always get so quiet while they are doing Chinese brush painting! I do a bamboo and then dragon painting with my third graders.

Color never seems to be an issue when I tell them that the Chinese often only used black. Then I put out a block of black and a block of red at each group. No problemo.

When I have put out a palette with a variety of colors and tell them to just use black and red, then we have problems.