Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkins and Procrastination

It's silly the things I can make myself feel guilty about. As Hurricane Sandy approaches, I am feeling restless and cannot commit to doing any particular task. I feel as though this is when I should be snipping. I certainly have the time. Instead, I'm just feeling guilty about not snipping.

I will make a compromise to myself. I made this snip when we took a weekend leaf peepers trip a couple of weekends ago. It's of a fairy carving a pumpkin. I didn't like it when I finished, so I never shared it.

So, my work is now done for the day and I can go back to procrastinating.


jackie said...

Hope you are snug and warm and dry!! Arggh, let go of the guilt, and besides I kind of fancy your pumpkin carving fairy!

Flash said...

You didn't like it? It's lovely!

How about doing a giveaway (pick me) LOL

Julie said...

How sweet!!!!! Hope all went well with that dumb hurricane causing so much havok everywhere. Stay safe!