Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fat Fairy Gets Back to Business

Oh, that Fat Fairy; running on that tread mill.  Her form is a little scary, but she is at least out there trying.  She is making me feel guilty for not being outside exercising on such a gorgeous day.

I'm actually thrilled that I did go down to Snippyville and get some snipping done today.  This is a simple snip, but it's a step back towards getting back in the groove. 

Now, if I can only get back in the groove of exercising too!

scherenschnitte     5" x 7"


Phyl said...

I know. I struggle with the exercising too. But so many of the arty things we do on our own are quite sedentary. Teaching is more active but now that I'm retired I have to make sure I keep myself moving.

You think your snip is simple, but I think it's fabulous. It is not something I could ever do. Do you ever show your snips to your students? Ever do snippy lessons with them?

Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

I'm also entranced by your snips! Absolutely full of movement and personality! :)

Flash said...

Just a little inspiration for you...take a look at this paper snipper:

Julie said...

What a cute snip! This fairy is fooling us, looks like she is only pretending to exercise...she is holding onto the handlebars, but sort of flying a bit, just to create the allusion, to make us feel bad for not joining her! Sorry, fat fairy....while you were exercising, I was over at the sushi buffet! LOL.
xoxo- Julie

sallgood said...

I think she's adorable-and inspiring me to keep moving too!