Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dry Spell in Snippyville

My desk down in Snippyville has gone mostly unused the last few months.  Every now and then I go down there and tidy up a bit in the hopes that I will get excited to get back to work.  So far, that hasn't been any motivator.
Last year I worked intensely for several months on an exciting project with a lot of potential for getting my art out in the world.  When the thing fell through, I felt deflated and pooped out.  Burned out.  To top that off,  my school schedule was inordinately overloaded because my school was way overpopulated.  I came home in the evening not wanting to do much of anything. 

Recently, I've begun to feel bored.  That's a feeling I'm not used to.  Perhaps boredom will be the motivating factor to get me working on my art again.  This afternoon I spent 30 or so minutes at my desk sketching a hand manaquin.  Not a big accomplishment, but I did enjoy the time spent doing it.

What gets you working when you've had a dry spell?


Jenny said...

Every morning in the Northern Virginia Writing Project summer institute we wrote for 30 minutes. It's how we started every day. I've started setting aside the 30 minutes just after my girls go to bed and making myself write during that time. It doesn't matter what kind of writing (blogging, a project I'm working on with friends, letters to family) I just have to write for that set 30 minutes. Some days it's really, really hard. Some days I don't want to quit.

Julie said...

I have to wait until some something comes along to invigorate me! Can never say what it will be...sometimes the oddest thing...just a little idea or spark, and you can just go with it.

Little Ol' Liz said...

For me, it's a call to go to the Craft store or the Yarn store to get a little something and see what is going on outside my 4 walls. Maybe an afternoon banging around Etsy would get the juices flowing?

JACKIE said...

Sorry about the project that fell through. It is energy deflating to pour yourself into something and have it not turn out the way you want. I'm learning to invest in the process and let go of outcomes. Not always easy, but it frees up your energy.
Your mojo will come back! Does getting out in nature rejuvenate you? Sometimes that works for me. I rarely experience boredom either, but had many spells of it over the summer.
I've set a goal for myself to spend some time every day during the week working on my paper cutting thinking that if I just make myself show up something will come of it. Good Luck!

Flash said...

Boredom is a sure sign that a mind needs more stimulation. Even though it seems counter-intuitive, busy-ness begets creativity.

Of course, there are time restraints but your intuition is telling you that some of your everyday busy-ness is not productive or stimulating. Take the time to evaluate the chores that have crept into your life that serve no real, long-term purpose and phase them out to free up time for your creativity.