Sunday, July 22, 2012

Farmhouse Scherenschnitte Sculpture

I just got home from two weeks in the mountains.  It sure was a great break for my brain.  Lately I've been stressed out the ying yang and this trip really calmed me down.

Every year I rent a farmhouse on Allegheny Mountain in eastern West Virginia.  The lady who owns the home is such a wonderful hostess, so I always make a gift for her while I am there.  Here's a paper cutting of the home she rents out.

And here's the house.

 It took me hours and hours to do this.  Not until I made the very last cut and all the pieces came apart, did I realize that I had made two houses and not one.  I had cut through four sheets of paper instead of two.  No wonder it took so long to cut this thing.  So I left one paper sculpture for the hostess and kept one for myself.


Julie said...

OMG...what a great sounding trip! Do you go alone, or with someone? I am dreaming of one day taking two or more weeks and going to an isolated place to rest, do embroidery, draw, and eat...all alone!!!

How wonderful you could do this gorgeous cutting for her...I KNOW she appreciated it so much!!!!! WOWZERS!!!

sallgood said...

Time away to unwind/recharge is such a gift! What a beautiful treasure your farmhouse is-and such a fun surprise to get to keep one for yourself.

jackie said...

what a beautiful snip!! so glad you got your two weeks at the mountain farmhouse. i love how you adventure and take care of yourself!