Wednesday, March 21, 2012

People Want to Give You Money

A couple of weeks ago I read a post by Mrs. Picasso in which she made a long list of children's art books that she loved.  I looked longingly over the list but felt that I invest quite enough already in extras for my classroom.  So, I put out a request for $100 worth of books on Donors Choose.  Two weeks later, one of our school volunteers handed me a check for $150 and told me it was for my books.  I was floored.  And very appreciative!

My take-away was that if you have an idea for something that your students would really love to have, you should go ahead and ask for it.  Probably the less money it involves, the better your chances of getting it.

I'd love to have an iPad lab for my art room the way some teachers do, but I haven't quite figured out who would be willing to fund that one.

Anyone?  Anyone?


Art Project Girl said...

Congrats. It is so much fun to see the students get the resources they deserve.

Julie said...

What a neat website! As soon as I am working again I plan to make regular contributions there!!! Thanks for showing it to me!

Pat said...

I haven't made the effort that Donors Choose requires (photo's of the kids, parent permission forms etc.)but I did get a BIG box full of goodies from an organization called Supply Our Schools. All we had to do was go to their website, choose art supplies from their list and e-mail thank you's from the kids. I got an electric pencil sharpener, drawing paper, a gallon of Elmer's, craft items etc. It took a year after we applied but it was free so I didn't care. What kind of books did you buy for your classroom. Art books or quality picture books?


Paintedpaper said...

It is always great to see someone get a well-deserved award! :)

Snippety Gibbet said...

I bought art storybooks that I could use as lesson starters. Thanks for the good wishes! jan

daysease said...