Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey!  Happy new year!  I've been thinking a lot about my blog, but I haven't gotten much beyond the thought. 

I made goals for myself in the new year.  One was that I was going to do something creative every day.  That's not too hard when your job is in the arts!  But I do mean for that to be a creative act outside of my everyday job.  I've done a little snipping so far and a lot of crocheting.

This snip actually has two separate designs.  In one direction it shows one design and when it turns, you see the other.  Unfortunately, in all the shots I took in my window, I only have this view.  The other view can only be seen in the pictures I took with a heinous sparkly red background.  After I took a bunch of those shots, I thought I was done.  Then I looked at them and hated them.  Then I got stuck and couldn't manage to do anything else with those shots.  Here they are.  You can see the sides of the snip in these. 

 My goals for the year haven't been too specific, but then, it will be easier to be successful that way.


LDH said...

Happy New Year, Jan! You know I love those heart snips :)

Flash said...

Love your 3-D snips.

I've copped out and not made any resolutions this year. Less stress and, suprisingly, more action.

Julie said...

HEARTS????? Love them!!!Good goal for 2012!!! Love seeing the results on your blog!!!

Sara Bowen said...

Happy New Year! I love your snips too, and I love the hearts... Sara p.s. good luck with the resolution!