Monday, January 30, 2012

Es Glantz und Glitzert

This is a vintage book that I bought on eBay.  I had entered a search for "scherenschnitte" and "book."  This was the only book that showed up that looked interesting to me. The amount I bid on it was so small that I felt I could overlook the fact that all the directions were written in German.  (I do not speak German.)

The book  contains tissue paper patterns for Christmas tree ornaments and a nativity scene.  It also came with gold foil covered cardstock in the shape of stars.  I have a suspicion that it originally came with plain gold cardstock from which you were supposed to cut the ornaments and nativity.  

I am curious to see what these things look like as finished pieces so I am trying to figure out how to cut and form a few of them.  The illustrations are relatively clear.  Thank goodness.  I've tried using an online translator with the directions.  Here's the level of clarity I got from that:  "The Aufhangen of the angel figure happens on a Drahtchen, which is pushed under the Flugelbindung (Fig. c)."  Holy Moses.

The only foil paper that I have is very thin, but I used it anyway.  Then, I tried to put it together as shown in the illustrations.  

I'd like to find something more along the lines of the cardstock that was intended to be used.  As the angel is right now, she's floppy and delicate.  It would be nice to see the author's real intent for these pieces.


Flash said...

Oh my! You've outdone yourself yet again. This is LOVELY.

Sara Bowen said...

She's lovely! I like her in her rather delicate state - what a beautiful book to find. I look forward to seeing the other decorations in due course! Sara x

jackie said...

your little angel is so terrific! really beautiful!

Mrs. Skojec said...

Oh, this is lovely even if it is too delicate! But I know what you mean, you have an image in your mind and want to get as close to it as you can. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi Jan,

I grew up in Germany as a young boy and we made a lot of Christmas crafts from this book. Your post brings back terrific memories of my child hood. Thank you.

I came across your blog trying to look up the proper spelling of the title.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Thanks for sharing the memory, Chris! Jan