Monday, December 5, 2011

Sparkly Cards

I'm still snipping along with my Christmas cards.  It seems that with every card, I make changes.

My hope was that I could find the perfect sparkly background paper at the craft store.  There was none to be found that was remotely like what I saw in my mind's eye.  A trip to the Dollar Tree solved that problem though.  They had gift bags that were made of exactly the right paper and were cheaper than craft store paper.

The difficult part now is to figure out which of all the styles I have done the last few weeks will go to whom.



jackie said...

So creative and one-of-a-kind!!

sallgood said...

They are all beautiful! (But my favorite is the second tree- love the way it moves!)

MaryL said...

Jan! I can't believe I found you!! I was following a link from Celita's blog and wound up here :))) I still have your ATC insect cuttings in my album...they are treasured works along with Celita's! :)