Friday, September 23, 2011

Templates and Apps

Since school has been back in session, I have had so little time for my paper cutting.  My teaching time and time spent on extra duties at work, have been the most taxing of my entire 26 year career.  When I get home, I just want to sit and be left alone for a while.  I'm not willing to let go of the things at home that bring me joy though, and I am trying to find ways to adapt. 

Also, when Mark gets home, I don't want to isolate myself from him and go down to my studio to work, so I am attempting to make templates for myself on the computer and the iPad.   If I like a design, I can print it out and cut it for myself.  I can also work on the designs while I am out in the world.

I had been using a trial version of ArtRage on the computer, but hadn't quite gotten the results I wanted.  One of my driving reasons for buying an iPad was for template making, so I bought an ArtRage app for it.  Oddly enough, at a price that was $60 less than the computer program, and with as many features as that program, the app just feels right to me.

Here's a design I played around with just now.  I may cut it out to see how it translates to cut paper.  At any rate, it is fun playing around with different features.


Julie said...

This apparently sounds like the perfect apparently for you. Have you seen the new commercial for IPAD 2 ??? I can't watch it without crying...we actually have the world at our fingertips!!

Julie said... a p p got turned into apparently!!!