Friday, July 29, 2011

Busy Summer

Hey, Y'all....I'm still here.  I've just been crazy busy.

School has been out for a little over a month now and I have less than a month to go before I head back to school.  (.........sniff, sniff)  A few days after backpacking in West Virginia, I went back again for a week and a half.  I rent a farmhouse on the top of Allegheny Mountain every summer that is full of fresh air, cool breezes and no internet.  And as attached as I am to the internet when it is available, I do not miss it, not even for a moment, when I am away from it.  So, anyway, I had a lovely "Jan-cation" in WV.

My theme for the summer was going to be "Cooking, Cutting and Crochet."  My goal was to improve my skills in each area, and I did a lot of all of those things on my retreat.

Before coming back home, I incurred a nasty mountain biking injury in which I thought I had broken my kneecap.  X-rays showed that I had not, but even now I am still in some amount of pain from it.  That's limited how much I've gotten around the last couple of weeks.

I also came home to discover an opportunity for a project that has taken a lot of my energy all that time.  (More on that later.)  And since I can be pretty obsessive about projects, I haven't had anything else to blog about.

Since Mark has gone back to Canaan to backpack with buddies this weekend (we love that place!!!)  I have taken the time this weekend to do some snipping.  I've found some kirigami pieces on the web that have stolen my heart and I have decided to try my hand at it.

These are practice pieces done on tag board.  It's a little tricky to cut tag since it is so thick.  I may see if I can do kirigami cards with a thinner paper and see if it still will hold up.


Cassy said...

I love those photos of nature as I love the scenery. Enjoy your summer.

Cassy from Rock Guitar Lessons

Sara Bowen said...

Hey Jan, that looks idyllic! I've been absent from your blog for too long but I've just had fun reading up on all your adventures. Love the snips and hope you had fun with the crochet! I learned crochet last term and made a poncho for my daughter. Enjoy the rest of your summer break, Sara x

jackie said...

I love that you do this! and it looks like such a lovely place. we're in oregon for a week, and once our flying/traveling is over i'm unplugging myself. is that a 3-d card you are creating? amazing!

sallgood said...

Your knee??? I feel your pain!!
I hope you are on the mend!
It sounds like a wonderful getaway, except for the injury part!