Saturday, June 18, 2011

"How to Stitch"

My kinders spent the better part of a month learning how to thread a needle and stitch on burlap.  I can barely thread a needle myself anymore.  Can you imagine trying to teach 18 five year olds how to do it en masse???????  But we got through it and by the end of the experience, all 70 of my kids went home with a stitched design.  I think they were pretty proud of the achievement.

One of the kindergarten teachers told me that she had her class write a "how to" book.  The one thing they agreed on that they all knew how to do was to stitch.  (Score!)  So that's what they wrote the "how to" book about. 

It made me proud.


Julie said...

How sweet!!! What a great craft for the kids.

sallgood said...

That is a score! Building skills is so empowering for kids, and you did it!