Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pysanky for the Granddaughter

I've been really busy with arty stuff lately, but just not blogging about it.  My pysanky tools are still on the work bench, and I pick them up from time to time.

My poor granddaughter didn't get a pysanky egg from Grandma yet.  It wasn't for lack of trying though.  I was so very happy with my first attempt.
As egg work goes, after all the delicate parts of the decorating were done, the egg hit the floor.  I attempted to cover a resulting hairline crack by covering it in clear resin.  It looked GORGEOUS.  So shiny!  But when I picked at one little blemish, this was the result:

So, I redid the egg.  It was fine except that I forgot to wax over the blue dye.  When I dipped it in the red, the blue turned brown/purple.  Another FAIL.

So, I redid the egg again. 
I'm happy so far.  It still needs another coat of resin and then it has to be shipped across country.  Fingers crossed. 


LDH said...

How sad that the beautiful egg broke! I would be so upset I probably wouldn't want to make another one. Your granddaughters egg is lovely. PLEASE be careful as you finish this one :) I can't bear the suspense!

sallgood said...

You get a star on your forehead for your patience!!
Beautiful results are the reward!!

Julie said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the purple brown colored one!!! It is so striking!!! Every one of your eggs are so fantastic! Lucky family memebers!!!

Diana said...

They are so lovely. We had a few disasters with our egg decorating this year. Miss 8 smashed three in a row. I'm off to google pysanky. Love it! I especially like the blue and white ones.

jackie said...

it must take a certain bit of determination in the midst of such fragility, etc. I kind of like the mistaken color one! what a lucky granddaughter to receive your handiwork! love tony's smile in your other post.

Lisa said...

Great article, beautiful pysanky thanks for showing the artistic talent.