Friday, April 8, 2011

Pysanky Season

Pysanky season is one of my favorites.  Easter comes so late this year.  I have waited so long to do my egg work in a timely fashion that I am rushing to get them done now.  I'm rushing, but I'm in heaven doing it.

Earlier, my student's eggs were almost done.  After dying the third one, I noticed that it was oozing dye through its pores.  Weird.   Very weird.  Who even knew that eggs had pores?  And then I discovered tiny cracks around the bottom.  (That may have been the result of all the times I dropped it on the floor.  Sigh.)  It's all part of the process though.  For me at least.

I've started working on ones for the little ones in my family now.  One down.  Five to go.


Julie said... do the prettiest eggs (I saw all of your last years ones)!!! Can't wait to see more as you do them! Such a really cool process!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Love your eggs!

Melissa said...

I look forward to your eggs every year. They are beautiful! Those are some lucky kids.