Saturday, April 9, 2011

Katie's Egg #2

When I looked at the pysanky egg I made for Katie yesterday, I was mortified.  So many gross imperfections.  If you look at the pysanky on Etsy, they are PERFECT, and that's what I want my eggs to be.  So, I smooshed the one I made yesterday and made another one.  I'm happier with it tonight.  Tomorrow?  Who knows.

When you only do these for a month a year, there's not a lot of chance that you're going to achieve greatness, but I'd like to not be embarrassed by them.  PLUS, Katie's parents lived in the Czech Republic for a couple of years and bought the real deal pysanky over there.  I don't want my most rudimentary work sitting next to that done by the folks who invented the danged things.  Maybe I need to keep the pysanky out all year for practice .... but then again...   what the heck would I do with all those eggs?????

Here's the last egg I made for my student, Tony.  I'm melting the wax off this one.


LDH said...

You must be very hard on yourself because I think your eggs are REALLY beautiful. Oh, to crush one ~ ouch!

One day I would love to try my hand at this art.

Julie said...

I agree with LHD! They really are so beautiful. I do love Katies egg...and the other one here as well. This is something you really get to look forward to getting to do each year! :) Such an awesome tradition!!!

sallgood said...

I have a motto I share with my students- it's "Kid's Careful" I remind them that are just learning, and practice is how we grow as artists...So if you want to practice, I'm happy to have you practice one for me! ;D