Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Almost Ready - Tony's Eggs

Tony's eggs are almost done.  Thank goodness.  Bless his heart.  He stops by my room in the morning and again at dismissal to make sure he knows when he should pick up his eggs.  I have to laugh, but I admit that I've taken some evasive tactics to avoid him.  This afternoon I blacked out my windows.  When it was well after dismissal, someone rattled my doorknob.  Since I thought it was the custodian who normally appears at that time, I went and looked down the hall.  Tony was right there.  Hehehehe.  I told him again that the appointed time was Friday at dismissal.

I sprayed his eggs with laquer today.  Someplace online I saw that someone used a bent wire coat hanger as a stand when they were spraying.  Genius!  Last year I used some crazy wood and nail contraption I came up with.  It was unsteady and caused much breakage.  I took the wire hanger idea and adapted it.  It worked like a charm.


LDH said...

Cool contraption for holding the eggs. Really beautiful eggs!

kim said...

You're eggs are beautiful! I can understand why Tony is stalking you!!! Such a sweet story!