Friday, March 4, 2011

Profile Drawings - Fifth Grade - Repousse'

My fifth graders got their first introduction to drawing profiles.  I was amazed at how well this class did.  

After looking at profiles in paintings and drawings, the fifth graders glued a diagram of a profile into their journals.  They then practiced drawing a generic profile from that.

That first day, I shot photos of each student's profile.  They drew guidelines on their photos and then practiced sketching their own profile.  This girl forgot to sign her name to the small paper sketch with which they were going to trace onto their "coin."  I could tell from the drawing who it was and I was quite impressed.

The second day, the students took their small sketches and traced their profiles on copper tooling foil.  They cut out the "coins" and added symbols, mottos, values of the money, and designs.  They mounted them on black poster board.

I know that my profile drawings at that age, without any sort of instruction, were far below the skill level of these students.  How lucky they are to have the opportunity to learn such things at such an early age.


sallgood said...

Very cool coins!

Mrs. Hahn said...

Thanks for sharing. These are wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have access to the copper. Do you think tinfoil would work?