Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Blog..."Art For Itty Bitties"

I've created yet another blog.  This one is called "Art for Itty Bitties," and it is for the lessons I have created for preschool art.  Since there is no county art curriculum for my preschool students, I have had to create my own. 

There are many preschool art sites on the web, but they are mostly created for the use of classroom teachers, and not art teachers.  I try to create lessons that are of high interest to four and five year olds, and are more experiential in nature than product oriented.  Hopefully, the end product is pleasing as well as experiential, but the experience is the main objective.

Any preschool posts from Snippety Gibbet have been copied there.  If you are an art teacher looking for preschool art lessons, check this one out.


daysease said...

See that, I came over itching for some of Jan's grand ideas, and I found one. this is a spectacular plan. Thank you! I am in a creative slump, so maybe I need to go back to kiddy basics to refuel. sigh... Miss "hanging out". Hope you are okay. Think of you often, as I look at your beautiful works around my house. I am grateful for your inspirational talents and your friendship. be blessed... :-)

splatypus said...

Hey... I know those beautiful eyes! Great idea to make an itty-bitty spot. Kindergarten is constantly being pulled from Early Childhood into Instruction, back into Early Childhood, and so forth. We often find ourselves in no-man's land. Now there's a creative spot for us!

Sara Bowen said...

Great idea, Jan, to pull it all together in a separate blog. Sara x