Friday, January 28, 2011

A "Bad Kind of Snow"? Never!

It's been a lovely week.  There were two days of teaching and three days of snowy delight away from school.  My brother has been here for several days also, so that has made it all the more wonderful.

We did lose power for 20 of those hours but I have a feeling that it could have been much more miserable than it was.  Since we had a gas stove, we could always cook.  Since we had a gas water heater, we always had hot water.  (Unfortunately though, I didn't know that until about an hour before the power came back on.)  Sleep was horrible the night we lost power.  There were all manner of odd green and white flashes of light in the sky.  When I stepped outside to check them out, I could hear the constant popping of transmitters and the crashing of tree limbs.  We slept in the living room out of fear that a tree would fall through the bedroom ceiling.

Everyone kept saying that we had the "bad kind of snow."  It was heavy with moisture and hard to shovel.  The only kind of "bad snow" I can imagine is one that we don't get a day off from school.

At one point during the outage, I decided to try out a new toy I bought with Christmas gift certificates; a small electric snowblower.  I plugged it in and went out to give it a try.  After unsuccessfully trying to turn it on, I was disgusted that the thing didn't work and I would have to return it.  As I unplugged it, I realized my error in thinking and had to giggle.  (.........electric snowblower.... no electricity...........snicker.) 

I've spent a good deal of time down in Snippyville and hope to spend a good deal of the next three days down here as well.  My valentines have been selling well on Etsy lately. They're so satisfying to cut, so I am happy to have a reason so snip more.

Oddly enough, we have a "work from home teacher workday" on Monday and then a regular teacher workday on Tuesday.  This is feeling like another winter break and I love it!


LDH said...

I love the snow too! I did laugh when you explained why the electric snow blower wouldn't work :) Who would have thunk?

btw... have you gotten a chance to try the snow blower? Getting one has been on my mind for many years but I don't know if I could handle one. My husband will shovel but to be honest, it scares me to see him do it. I don't mind shoveling but it is a tad grueling.

As usual, gorgeous paper cuts!

ArtTeachersHateGlitter said...

This week HAS been lovely. (Too bad we have to lose a day off in Feb. though) And a kid-free Monday and Tuesday will be lovely as well (why does it seem like my school is the ONLY school in the county making it's teachers actually go in to work on that day for meetings?)

Phyl said...

Your snips are amazing!

Here I am in northern NY, and we were totally missed in the last snow wave that put down 19" in Central Park in NYC! Barely a flake!! We've only had one snow day so far, and not even a single delay (though a couple of really scary drives and a couple of ridiculously cold days)

Strange winter... BY the way - I've never heard of an electric snow blower!

Fine Lines said...

All those snow days must wreck havoc with lesson planning and execution. It is such a foreign concept for those of us in California. The only day I can remember school closing was once after an earthquake when they had to check the building and surrounding gas lines to make sure it was safe to return!

I do love seeing everyone's beautiful, snowy photos, though!! Have a good week-end.

Kathy said...

It sounds quite treacherous to be without power for so many hours in a cold winter snowstorm.

Your 3 - D hearts are wonderful!

I can't say that we've ever had a teacher work day from home. Even when we have inservices they generally hold some meeting for 3- 4 hours and then say that the time left over is to work in our rooms. Usually it doesn't amount to much of our own worktime.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Oh my thanks for the good giggle, read it to the Hubster too, that's the kind of thing I do!!

Sadly we have only had bad snow this year and no snow days yet. But there is hope for Tuesday here!

GOrgeous snips as ever.

Julie said...

That trick you did with the snowblower is just like what I would do (and do do on a daily basis these days)!!! LOLOL. Too cute!

Love your snipped Valentines!!!

Enjoy all your teacher planning days, and your gas appliances!!!!!!

Julia said...

A work for m home teacher work day?!? That sounds wonderful! We got a couple of snows and then it's warmed up too much for the flurries that have fallen to lay. Boo
My daughters have TONS!

Paintedpaper said...

Oh my! We experienced the Blizzard wind no lighting. How scary! Our house was a stopping place for nephew in college trying to get home. We have alot of fire wood so if the power goes out we will have heat. I love the story of the snow blower. How did it work when the power came on? Love the hearts! Take care :)