Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day of the Year

I've been surprisingly productive the last couple of days.  Shopping, car washing, organizing my studio; my days have been busy.  It's made me rather proud of myself.

I've even been staying up late.  Usually I am in the sack by 9:30.  Last night I was up snipping til midnight.  Woohoo!  Just like a grown up!

Yesterday morning I was excited to find that my Valentine snip had sold on Etsy, so I got to work snipping another one.  Here's how it turned out: 

I may do a couple more Valentines before I start something else.

Happy new year, friends.  I have enjoyed spending time with you folks here and on your blogs this year.  Here's to another year of friendship and inspiration between us.

1 comment:

jackie said...

i always want to be ahead of the game, but never am! i'm impressed that you are getting valentine style snips out there alread!