Thursday, December 9, 2010

Its a Party Week for Audubon!

I heard within the last week that a book of John James Audubon's prints was sold and brought the highest price ever paid for a book.  The news had a fun connection for me this week as I was teaching a kindergarten lesson in which an Audubon print was the focus.

My students looked at a print of Audubon's turkey and discussed what they saw.  I thought it was interesting that some of them didn't identify the bird as a turkey because it didn't have its fan up.

To draw a turkey, they named the shapes that they saw on the turkey and painted those shapes on their papers.

They've been learning about pattern so they painted an inventive pattern on their turkeys.

These birds look like decorations for an Audubon party.


sallgood said...

Parties are for the birds! :D
You can't beat the work of 5 year olds!!

Phyl said...

Here's another cool Audubon post today:
Great minds think alike!

Phyl said...

I forgot to say how gorgeous these are! :D

Paintedpaper said...

Wow I am loving these!!!!!! Beautiful! :)

Kathy said...

These turkeys are wonderful!