Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As I sat in a meeting today, I kept peeking over at the dioramas of Jamestown.  Every year the fourth grade teachers have their students create these, I am assuming, at home.  I am totally in love with all the solutions the kids have come up with.  Some definitely have a lot of parental input, and some apparently, none at all.  They all have a charm that just makes me happy.
I can only imagine the joy that this child must have felt when they realized that they had a Pocahantas Happy Meal toy they could use.  The witch and Dracula were pure icing on the cake.

Legos came in handy here. 

I believe that these folks are made from salt dough.  Charming.  Love the pine cone tree too.

I'd like to know who created this one and the story behind it.

....wine cork boat and monopoly houses

The only resident of this fort is a guy with a ray gun.  No wonder the Native Americans were leery.


Unlimited said...

This is actually the first year we've done them - at least since I've been there. It was something I did in 4th and remember so well. Their creativity and, uh, character placement are excellent!

Snippety Gibbet said...

I wondered if they were your's! How fun!

Unlimited said...

Those ones were not, actually - mine are crammed in my room - but they look very similar! I have a Lego Indian Jones as John Smith and some yehakens that look very much like colonial houses made from construction paper.