Friday, September 24, 2010

Teaching Kids Contour Drawing

I absolutely adore teaching kids how to do contour drawing.  This skill is taught in fifth grade in my county. 
Even though they have had minimal experience of looking at something and drawing what they see, they are all game.  It's not even a question that it might be difficult to do.  They accept that this is a skill that everyone can do, and that you get better with practice.
I decided to buy the kids sketch books this year.  Up until now they have always used the big 12"x18" sheets of drawing paper.  My thought was that the sketch pads would give fifth grade art experiences more of an air of importance by using a means to collect and save the pieces.
Watching the kids focus intently and quietly as they make their hands follow their eyes along the contours, is so satisfying for me.  During these exercises, the kids are totally silent.  They take these experiences seriously.

And they take this job seriously, even if the subject matter is a bit silly.


Phyl said...

I do contour drawings with my 5th graders too. It's a perfect age.

Julie said...

The sketchbooks are a wonderful idea, Jan! I like that they can take them home at end of year (or when full) to keep and look at (at be proud of) for a long time to come!

The Adventurous Art Teacher said...

Love that you bought the students sketchbooks! I just posted about using sketchbooks at the high school level. Great minds think alike. haha