Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bulletin Board Duty

If you're not a teacher who has bulletin board duty, you will probably just want to skip this post.  I'm just sayin'......

At my school, I am the current putter upper of most all bulletin boards and showcases.  When I have kids's artwork around, the displays are relatively easy to create.  When I don't have a cache of art, I have to think up other ideas for displays.

The bulletin board creator part of my brain is often a dry, dusty wasteland, so for inspiration, I look around on the web.  As a way to remember ideas I might want to use later, I park those photos and links on another blog:  Bulletin Boards to Remember.  (Snazzy title, huh?)  It's really just a blog for my own use, but I thought that some of my other readers with bulletin board duty might benefit as well.

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Katie Morris said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm excited to be in charge of one hallway bulletin board this year and I was just searching for ideas yesterday. I painted the background yesterday so I won't always have to cover it with paper. I'm going to decorate it and paint the frame next week!