Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Projects So Far

This was my first project of the summer:

That would be hummingbird nectar if it had been cooked about 15 minutes less. (This is reminiscent of last summer: http://snippetygibbet.blogspot.com/2009/08/hummingbird-nectar.html) I never said I was a quick study.

That was yesterday. Today was a little more successful. I started working on a piece for my Granddaughter. She's spending a week with us soon, so I am making something for "her room."


Pink Feather Paradise said...

wow... do you get humming birds over there... thats superb... shame about their dinner though! hey ho try try again! lol

and no way are you old enough to have a grand daughter... but I love the snip and I am sure she'll love it and you'll have a wonderful time!

x Alex

Maija said...
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LDH said...

Looks a little like cooled lava... maybe you will attract prehistoric hummingbirds :)

When I make nectar, I bring it just to a boil, just enough to dissolve the sugar. And... I always set the timer for 10 minutes. That's how long it takes from the time I turn the stove on to when the sugar is dissolved. I have never cooked the pot dry but I have made a very strong concentrate.

sallgood said...

I think hummingbirds might like your carbon crackers...???

And I'm sure your g-girl will love the artwork made especially for her!

Julie said...

How old is your granddaughter? I have probably read before but forgot. She is lucky to have Grandma Jan's artwork around!!! Very cool.

jackie said...

prehistoric hummingbirds...God love you Jan!! It reminds of a post I did not long after we "met" about some disaster I had in the kitchen, and then a few weeks later you posted about some disaster you had in the kitchen. It was a bonding moment for me!